We Use Proper Tree Trimming in Milford, CT Methods

Are you certain that you are properly cutting off the branches of the trees on your property? Are you quite sure that you are using the right techniques when removing these tree limbs? If you’re not one hundred percent sure, it’s best to ask the opinion of a tree trimming expert such as Grounds Maintenance Plus, LLC. We are trained to properly trim trees on properties in Milford, CT.

Tree trimming service in Milford, CT

When Trimming Trees

There is a proper way of trimming trees. Most homeowners just don’t know it because either it’s too much of a hassle or they just leave the trees as is without cutting any of the branches at all. First of all, trimming is vital to keep the tree healthy. Second of all, if you don’t make an effort on knowing how to properly cut the branches, you’re doing more harm to the tree than good. To help you get started on the right path, consider getting a tree trimming service from professionals like us.

We’ll Trim the Trees for You!

Our tree trimming service is focused on cutting off branches without causing too big of a wound on the trunk of the tree. We do this by using the right tools as well as the correct trimming method. The tools that we will be using will depend on the size of the branches. As for the method, we’ll use ones like the three-cut method, in which we cut the branch a few inches away from the trunk, starting from the top part and continuing from the bottom. This way, there’s a support that will not cause the branch to tear off a big chunk of the trunk. Choose us and we’ll have the trees trimmed before you know it!

Grounds Maintenance Plus, LLC is a tree trimming specialist who you can count on to properly trim the trees for you. Need help in cutting off the branches of the trees on your property in Milford, CT? Feel free to contact us at (203) 410-1605 right away!