Tree Mulching Tips

Mulching Landscape Trees

Tree mulching improves both soil structure and fertility. This is vital in urban landscapes where the soil is often compacted and lacks organic matter, more so on new construction sites.

Mulching acts like the natural environment found in forests, where both leaves and branches blanket the floor, replenishing the natural nutrients as they start to decompose, thus creating an ideal environment for healthy root growth.

Urban landscape trees and shrubs grow in harsher environments in soils that have been modified by human activities, such as construction, lawns, and compaction). Adding a 2-4-inch layer of mulch can in essence re-create forest soil. And, according to the International Society of Arboriculture, mulching, when performed the right way, is considered a beneficial practice that every homeowner can do for their trees and shrubs.

Mulches are available in 2 major forms, organic and inorganic. Tree care experts prefer to use organic mulch, including pine needles, wood chips, hardwood and softwood bark, leaves, and compost mixes. Different organic mulches decompose at varying rates and do require periodic reapplication. Inorganic mulches, like river rock, gravel, stone chips, and even rubber, don’t provide the same benefits as their organic counterparts, as they don’t decompose.

The benefits of mulching are as follows:

  • Improves soil structure, fertility, and aeration as it decomposes

  • Moderates soil temperature, protecting roots from extreme summer and winter temperatures

  • Conserves soil moisture by increasing water infiltration and slowing evaporation

  • Eliminates tree damage from mowers and trimmers

  • Slows down the growth of weeds and grass that will compete with tree roots for water and nutrients

  • Stops soil compaction by reducing foot and vehicle traffic, thus allowing the roots to “breathe”

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