Tree Mulching Tips Before Winter Season Begins

Mulch Your Trees Before Winter Season Begins!

Mulching is a great way to protect your trees during the winter season. It helps prevent any damage caused by the cold temperatures, keeps moisture in the soil, and makes it easier for tree roots to grow through. Mulch can help keep the soil around your tree moist, but it’s important to make sure that you do it correctly. Here we’ll discuss some tree mulching tips for you to consider before the winter season begins.

Choose a Mulch That’s Organic and Natural

As you are preparing your trees for winter, it is important to use organic and natural mulch. The most common types of mulches are shredded leaves, bark, and peat moss. The best type of mulch is one that decomposes over time into the soil, rather than being removed from the soil after a few months or years. This will help prevent pests like Japanese beetles from eating away at your tree’s roots as well as provide moisture for them during dry seasons.

Stay Away from Colored Mulch

Colored mulch can be a great choice for your garden, but it’s important to keep in mind that colored mulch can attract insects and other pests. Some types of colored mulches contain dyes that may contain carcinogens or other chemicals which could cause harm if ingested by humans or animals. If possible, prioritize using organic mulches for your trees.

Remove Old and Decomposed Mulch Before Spreading a New One

Make sure you remove any old, decomposed mulch before spreading a new layer of mulch. The best time to do this is in the fall when your tree is dormant and not growing leaves. This will allow you to spread a fresh layer on top of the existing one without disturbing its roots or causing any damage.

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