Tree Mulching Tips

When Is Mulch Around Trees Bad?

Sometimes it can be tricky to tell what’s too much, not enough, or just right when it comes to tree mulching. Mulching is a must for proper tree maintenance; however, when it is too high and touches a tree’s trunk, it can start to cause problems.

Let’s take a look at what can happen when you apply mulch too thick around trees. Just to be clear, mulch is good for trees only when it is applied correctly. Mulch can reduce weeds, conserve moisture and improve the soil, which will help your trees stay healthy! But when it comes to mulch, it is possible to go overboard. Piling mulch too high and covering a tree’s trunk can result in decay.

Problems Caused by Mulch

When mulch is too high and is too close to a tree’s trunk, it can cause two issues that can slowly damage your tree in time.

  1. Problem: Too much mulch will smother the tree’s roots.

  2. Consequence: Roots could grow up through the mulch looking for air. That can cause them to “girdle” or start to wrap around the trunk; this will choke the tree by cutting off its water supply.

  3. Problem: Moisture builds up.

  4. Consequence: That excess moisture is perfect conditions for wood decay and deteriorating bark which can cause an unstable foundation.

Organic Mulch versus Inorganic Mulch – Is There A Difference?

Organic mulches are by-products of other industries, and inorganic mulches are made from non-natural or man-made materials. While the two are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, each has been used for aesthetic reasons and has its own advantages.

There are numerous benefits to using organic mulch, including:

  • Minimizes soil erosion

  • Moderates soil temperatures

  • Conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation

  • Encourages growth of beneficial soil microorganisms

  • Prevents weed growth

  • Reduces the spread of soil-borne pathogens

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