Tree Mulching Options

Best Weed-Control Mulches That You Can Use for Your Trees

The cooler temperatures may be a reason for you to consider tree mulching. But there are different kinds that you should know about. Can you choose the right mulch for your trees? Here are the materials you should consider when choosing the right mulch for your trees:

Wood Chips

Wood chips are the best mulch to use if you want to add texture and color to your lawn. It is easy to work with but expensive. It is also very good at retaining moisture and making sure that your lawn is moist and healthy. It also helps to control weeds, prevent soil erosion and add nutrients to the soil. Its disadvantages include its expense and that it can be a fire hazard if not placed properly.

Tree Barks

Tree barks are great mulch for your lawn. They are a good way to add nutrients to your soil, add organic matter to your soil, help prevent weed growth, and control soil erosion. However, you need to make sure that the tree barks you buy are from healthy trees and not dead ones. If you want to be really sure of the quality, you need to compost the bark or blend them with other mulch.


Leaves are another good mulch you can use to mulch your lawn. They add nutrients to your soil and make the soil more fertile. They can also help to control weeds and prevent erosion. They are kind of messy to work with and they can often carry diseases and pests, so be very careful about where you get them from.

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