Questions to Ask Before Booking a Mulching Service

Make Mention of These Questions

Have you ever mowed your lawn? If you have, you already know how it feels to use a riding lawnmower. But there’s more to using one than just mowing grass. In fact, there are different ways to use a riding lawnmower so if you’re not familiar with it, here are some of the questions you should ask your mulching service provider to know if they’d be able to help you:

How would you transport the grass clippings?

If you’re wondering if they’d transport the bagged grass clippings to your desired location or if they’d transport the clippings in a truck, then you should ask them. If they’re unable to answer your question, then it’s best to look for another provider.

How will you dispose of the leaves?

If you have a lot of leaves on your property, then you can use them for mulching. However, if you have leaves that are too big to be used for mulching, then you can use them for composting. Asking your mulching contractor about the type of leaf mulch they’ll use for your lawn and their disposal methods is important. They should be able to give you an answer.

How will you measure my lawn?

It’s important to ask this question because your lawn size can affect the type of mulch you’ll use and the frequency you’ll need to bags your lawn. Your mulching contractor should be able to tell you the measurements of your lawn if you ask them this question. They can even measure it themselves if they’d be visiting your property. Your provider should be able to tell you how much mulch you’ll need.

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