Mulching Service Tips

How Often Should You Replace Mulch?

Organic mulch generally lasts between 5-6 years. Although several factors may cause you to contact a mulching service such as Grounds Maintenance Plus, LLC to have it replaced or replenished mulch every 1-2 years.

Organic mulch does decompose over time, so it does have to be replaced eventually. A typical mulch lasts around 5 years, however, this time frame can decrease depending on the mulch, weather conditions, rainfall, sun, etc.

For most landscaping, you will need 2-3 inches of mulch in place. However, if the rain, wind, or foot traffic removes some, you will need to add more to ensure proper coverage. If you have regular heavy rain, or if the soil and climate conditions speed up decomposition, you will need to add mulch periodically.

Mulch Color

Another consideration is the color of the mulch. Some undyed mulches start to turn gray after 12 months. It is still effective, however, just not as attractive. Most people choose to replace it, or just some of the faded mulch to help improve the aesthetics.

Mulch Size

This will impact how long it will last. For example, bark mulch generally lasts longer than wood chips. Shredded mulch will often wash away with the rain, or blow away in high winds. So, shredded mulch needs to be replaced more often than either nuggets or chips.

What happens if old mulch is not replaced?

Eventually, mulch will decompose and no longer offer the benefits it was designed to. Organic mulches have to be able to provide nutrients to your soil, retain moisture and protect the soil. As your mulch starts to decompose or reduce in depth, you will start to experience more problems with regard to weeds and soil erosion.

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