Mulching Service: Tips to Have Your Spring Landscaping Looking Great

Get Your Landscaping Prepared Before Spring Arrives

When springtime arrives, you are probably getting ready to prepare your yard. After a long winter, it may be necessary to do some cleaning. By following 8 steps, you are sure to have your spring landscaping looking great from a mulching service provider.

Tend to Your Perennials.

After winter, it is likely your perennial plants will need a trim. Many of these items can be cut to their bases. However, things like woody Russian Sage may need to have some growth left. After cutting the plants, you can begin pulling weeds as well.

Remove Dead Items.

It is important to examine all your trees and shrubs. This is the perfect time to perform some minor pruning. Also, it is wise to remove dead and diseased limbs and branches. Over winter, your garden beds are sure to have accumulated some debris. After raking the areas, the material can be discarded or added to your compost pile.

Control the Weeds.

Scattering pre-emergent weed control products will cut your work tremendously. Although they will not totally eliminate your weed problem, they will prevent germination. Also, edging your spring landscaping will create defined lines between the grass and the rest of the yard, which results in a maintained appearance.


For an aesthetically pleasing yard, mulching is a wise choice. Scattering mulch around plants is common, but it should not exceed three-inch levels. With time, mulch accumulates around shrubs. Every few years, it is wise to remove old mulch and start fresh. This eliminates a breeding ground for insects and keeps soil healthy.

Using Fertilizer.

Applying fertilizer will offer the necessary nutrients to your plants. When summer arrives, your garden will look lush. You are advised to apply the fertilizer before you mulch.

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