Mulching Service Tips

Advantages of Mulching

Most homeowners will mulch at least part of their landscaping every year. The reason is simple, and the advantages of mulching are great indeed. As it is not just visually appealing, the purpose of mulching has numerous benefits that you may or may not think about when it comes time to hire a professional mulching service such as Grounds Maintenance Plus, LLC.

Ad​vantages of Mulching Come The Spring

For most homeowners, mulching is an annual spring lawn care job that needs doing when the weather starts to warm up. The importance of mulching is broader than the visual appeal of your landscape. Certainly, there are disadvantages to using mulch, whether it is organic or inorganic, however, the benefits far out way the disadvantages. Although lawn and landscape professionals will regale you with dozens of benefits, here are the top four advantages of mulching.

  1. Reducing weed growth – Any kind of mulch will reduce weeds. In fact, it is probably one of the biggest advantages of using mulch. As it will block sunlight and acts as an obstacle, making it challenging for weeds to grow.

  1. Maintaining soil moisture – The main purpose of mulch is to maintain soil moisture. Mulch does reduce evaporation and helps the soil to retain moisture around plants and trees. Doing this means less watering throughout the hot summer months.

  1. Stopping soil erosion – In conjunction with the above, mulching will also help to prevent soil erosion. As it reduces the force at which heavy rain impacts the soil, which in turn reduces the chances of it washing away.

  1. Protecting trees – Mulching around trees, helps to protect them. Soil compaction from numerous lawn care services will often harm the roots and ultimately the growth of new trees. And, mulch is important around trees as it regulates soil temperature and moisture from any extreme cold and hot swings, all of which are bad for tree growth.

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