Best Mulches for Your Tree Mulching Needs

Newly Planted Trees Needs Mulch

Tree mulching is a great way to cut down on weeds, improve the soil around the tree, and improve air circulation. There are different mulch materials you can use for your trees, but the three most commonly used are bark, grass clippings, and straw.


The bark is great for trees that receive a lot of foot traffic, but you want to make sure you use the right tree bark for your tree. This can be done by taking a look at the tree’s trunk.

Layer of Cork

If you see a layer of cork, then that is what you are looking for. This layer of bark is what you want to use for your tree mulch. Grass clippings are another option, and this is what is one of the commonly used when mulching trees. It is already shredded, so it is easier to spread around the tree.


Straw is also a popular mulch, especially for trees that are on the shady side. It helps increase the tree’s resistance to diseases and insects.

You can also use various other materials for tree mulching, such as corn cobs, nutshells, and flower petals. You can even try using sawdust or shredded bark chips for trees that are in colder climates. It is all up to you, but the bark is considered the most commonly used mulch.

These organic mulches are not only good for your trees but also for your lawn, vegetable garden, and flower beds. These provide various benefits like keeping your landscape look clean and crisp all year round. Be sure to hire experts to take care of all your mulching service needs.

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